Who We Serve

The global healthcare landscape has completely transformed in the last two decades. People around the world are living longer and healthier lives. However, the situation remains troublesome in Africa and Asia the two continents with the world’s poorest populations. Communicable diseases that have been completely eradicated elsewhere remain prevalent in most of countries in Africa and Asia. mortalities and disabilities from preventable diseases is still a huge concern in Africa and Asia

While impoverishment is one of the reasons behind Africa and Asia’s slow progress towards desired health outcomes, lack of strategic planning, cost inefficiencies, and poor understanding of the local and global healthcare challenges also contribute to the poor health outcomes of the population, and this is what AECG seeks to improve.

Our aim is to help governments, healthcare providers, public health agencies, and all other stakeholders focused on addressing social and economic determinants of health to improve health outcomes of populations to design, develop, implement effective policy and program interventions. Using evidence-based strategies our experts have helped health organizations to eliminate operational inefficiencies, strengthen their systems, and establish effective programs that promote wellness and improved health outcomes for the populations they serve. We consulting services are available to both public and private sectors, including healthcare providers, health financing institutions, public health agencies, as well as local and international organizations that work in the health sector.

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