Our Services

At AECG, we specialize in health services consulting with a focus on improving health outcomes of populations. Basing on evidence-based research, we help governments, healthcare providers, health financing institutions, and local and international health and public health develop policy and program interventions that not only improve healthcare delivery systems to address access, cost and quality challenges, but also improve overall health outcomes of populations. Our areas of specialty include:

  •   Health Policy

    A concrete and focused healthcare policy is essential to provide the population with excellent healthcare services. At AECG, we make accurate and complete data available to policymakers and advocates, helping them devise an appropriate policy to address the health-related challenges faced by the population. The process involves a thorough assessment of the existing systems to assess how closely a policy is aligned to meet the public health goals and objectives set by the policymakers.

  •   Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of Health Program Interventions

    We help our clients to design and, implement effective health program interventions that improve patients’ access to affordable quality health care, reduce inequities, and make a positive impact on the population’s health outcomes. In addition to this, we evaluate public and private health and public health programs for their appropriateness, efficiency, and effectiveness.

  • Global Health

    Disparities in access to healthcare, increasing burden of infectious diseases, and rising healthcare costs, the world faces similar problems when it comes to healthcare. With our deep understanding of the global healthcare challenges and our experience of working in geographically diverse healthcare settings, we help healthcare providers develop and execute strategies that best serve their population’s healthcare needs.

  •   Health Systems Strengthening

    AECG’s healthcare consulting services have helped public and private healthcare institutions improve their infrastructure, services, and processes. We strengthen the local healthcare system by improving the healthcare supply chain right from procurement to inventory management and warehousing. In addition to this, our experts assess the healthcare processes, resources, and systems to identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks, and use their strategic insight and deep healthcare experience to improve the workflow processes.

  •   Health Care Financing

    As healthcare costs continue to rise, service providers seek new, more effective cost-reduction strategies to ensure that their services remain affordable for the patient. At AECG, we suggest you the best course of action in areas such as service contract, labor productivity, materials and case management to increase cost savings without compromising the quality of care.

  • Pharmaceutical Regulatory Services

    The ever-expanding pharmaceutical landscape demands revolutionary changes in the field of regulatory science to help authorities combat the issues of adulteration, counterfeit drugs, and unethical marketing. AECG can help you re-engineer the regulatory process to ensure the delivery of safe and effective medicines to the population. We help pharmaceutical organizations to easily navigate and meet regulatory requirements.

  •   Training

    Using their extensive clinical and managerial experience, AECG consultants help healthcare providers meet their personnel training and development needs and improve the way they serve their patients. We not only help you fulfill any training gaps, but also make sure that your staff has the right skill set and that you stay abreast with the latest developments in the global healthcare sector.

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