Healthcare Consulting Services

Healthcare organizations with full-scale, specialized, and customized healthcare consulting services and solutions

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Concrete Healthcare Policy

Healthcare policy is essential to provide patients with excellent care and services

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Global Health

Creating smart, long-term, and strategic global health policy with a focus on saving and lifting the lives of millions across the globe

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Health Care Financing

Implementing effective cost-reduction strategies to ensure quality clinical services within patient reach

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Welcome to AECG: The Experts in Health Services Consulting

We are committed to improving health outcomes of populations around the globe by utilizing evidence-based research to support governments, healthcare providers, and health financing institutions to design, implement, and evaluate policies and programs that focus on health promotion and disease prevention.

Healthcare demands are changing in both developed and developing countries around the world. Increasing incidence of communicable diseases, rising healthcare costs, and disparities in access to health care have created a complex matrix of challenges for healthcare providers and policymakers, especially in developing countries on Africa and Asian continents.

At AECG, we aim to help stakeholders combat these challenges and adopt the most effective approaches to improve the health outcomes of population. We provide healthcare consulting services that is based on scientific findings with a focus on strengthening healthcare and public health systems to address access, quality, and affordability challenges, but also to promote population health outcomes by to addressing social and economic determinants of health.

Our aim is to reduce the mortality and disability associated with diseases and help people live longer, healthier lives. In order to achieve our objective, we offer specialized consulting services to both public and private healthcare providers, policymakers, and other stakeholders to help them improve the way healthcare is delivered, but also to build systems that prevent diseases and promote wellness. Our multifaceted team of medical doctors and health professionals leverages their global experience and profound knowledge in designing, implementing, and evaluating innovative healthcare interventions aimed at addressing the challenges of today and tomorrow.

  Our Areas of Specialty:

In the end, our goal is to provide consulting services that not only improve the efficiency of the healthcare system, but also make a significant positive impact on the population’s health status. From helping governments and health agencies to design, implement, and evaluate health policies and program interventions that aim to streamline and strengthen health systems, to supporting health care providers, financing institutions, and the pharmaceutical industry to increase their operational efficiency and meet regulatory requirements. Our areas of specialty include:

  •   Design, implement and evaluation of Health
  • and public health programs
  •   Health policy
  •   Global health
    •   Health systems strengthening
    •   Health care financing
    •   Pharmaceutical regulatory services
    •     Training

  Contact AECG Today

At AECG, we believe that restructuring of the existing health care system and introduction of newer, more effective health programs can help us achieve our collective mission of making care accessible to every citizen and improving their health outcomes. With a greater emphasis on eliminating disparities and inefficiencies, our healthcare consultants can help you make accelerated progress towards your operational and health-related targets. Contact us today to learn more about our services:

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